Music in the right hands

Regulations prescribe that, for each public performance of music, one should request  authorization from the author and pay remuneration. It is practically impossible for authors to contact all users of their music works and to negotiate remuneration for use of their works.

European and domestic regulations have foreseen existence of the organization authorized for issuing licenses for public use of music works and for collecting remuneration.

Organization in Serbia authorized for issuing licenses for public use of music works and for collecting remuneration is Sokoj - Serbian Music Authors' Organization.

During the past decades Sokoj has put great effort into developing the system of copyright protection, struggle for better financial status of domestic authors as well as the copyright protection of foreign authors.

Use of music is not free

Music is copyright work protected by the law which belongs to the author - the creator! You must ask him and seek his permission in order to use it!!!

In everyday life, in order to use somebody else's property one has to preliminary acquire owner's consent, because, otherwise, at stake is unauthorized use, illegal act, not to say theft!

The same goes for music, because music is merchandise, too - product of someone's intellect, talent and work.


Sokoj protects rights of composers, lyricists, arrangers and other right holders on music works of all genres. 
Sokoj - Serbian Music Authors' Organization was founded in 1950. It is the oldest and, until recently, the only organization for collective management of music and related rights in our country.